The Brera Design Days have reached their fourth edition.
As always, the festival is open not only to insiders but to the whole community, to explore the potential of design and technology in our lives and in the society: let’s draw the lines of the present to forecast possible future directions. Learn more about the planning! Talks, Exhibitions, Workshops, Tours

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2019 Theme
Grand'Italia (?)

Italy still holding a record in the design field: from the personalities that made its history, to the schools of excellence and historic companies. While abroad design is no longer just a product but more and more an intangible project, thought and process, in Italy design is struggling to renew its self-generation ability and that of exchange between visionary designers and illuminated entrepreneurs, as well as to develop a design culture shared at national level, with subsequent difficulties standing out as nation-system in some of today’s key sectors such as A.I., Sustainability, Service Design and Design for All.

Is our country a "Grand’Italia” then?
Could it be so again?
When and at what price?

Today more than ever it is essential to standardise and do networking, trying not to isolate the country in anti-economic, poorly productive and – let’s face it – extremely boring dynamics. Let’s have some fun at least.


The Brera Design Days 2019 take place in 8 main locations that will host the talks and workshops dedicated to various topics. Besides these locations the programme will involve the main showrooms of the Brera Design District



Two different guests every night will discuss about a design book, conceived and written not only for insiders but capable of making us reflect on the various aspects of a project.
Curated bt Studiolabo and Gummy Industries
4th,8th,9th and 10th October, from 18.30 to 20.00
LaFeltrinelli/Babitonga Cafè, viale Pasubio 7


Once again, on the occasion of the Brera Design Days Casa Corriere opens its premises to the city. Corriere della Sera, Living and Abitare propose a set of meetings with the absolute leaders of design, culture and research and a high-visibility exhibition in the heart of Brera. From 4th to 9th October several events to get to know and discuss in depth the big issues concerning the world of design and marking its current transformations.
From 4th to 9th October, from 14.00 to 21.00
Corriere della Sera - Sala Buzzati, Via Balzan 3


A typically Milanese dinner that will end with a drawing or painting lecture with some of the best university drawing and painting masters in Milan, the teachers of Super – Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata of Castello Sforzesco. Every night visitors will learn a different technique with a different teacher: charcoal, pastel, water colour and paint and the drawings will be made on the place mats where visitors just had their dinner.
Curated by Super – Scuola Superiore d’Arti Applicate del Castello Sforzesco
From 7th to 10th October, from 20.00 to 22.00
Pizzeria Grand’Italia, via Palermo 5


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Scrivono del festival

Il design alla portata di tutti. L’evento è il cuore pulsante della Milano Fall Design Week.

Corriere della Sera

C’è un filo che unirà tecnologia, empatia, grafica, pendolarismo e gaming. Quel filo ha un nome e quello è design.


Studiolabo si prefigge di indagare lo stato di salute del design contemporaneo.


Brera Design Days innesca il dialogo non solo tra gli addettiai lavori, ma anche tra i cittadini.

Elle Décor

Brera Design Days promuove il dibattito sul design in tutte le sue sfaccettature.

La Repubblica

Brera Design Days parla a chi comprende sempre più l’impatto generale del design, in termini di influenza culturale.