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The Brera Design Days offer free talks and exhibitions, events open to the public. Some of these require an online registration. Besides, many are the workshops, for organisational reasons some of them are not free.
Each workshop’s presentation page specifies how to access, places are limited.

Here below are the instructions to register to the events of the Brera Design Days 2019

Talks & Mostre

Some talks and exhibitions, for organisational reasons, require an online registration, please visit the dedicated page on Eventbrite and register for free to the events to take part in the talks and exhibitions of the Brera Design Days.

Register to the Talks and Exhibitions!

If you don’t find the ticket of the talk you want to join, you will probably read in the talk’s presentation page that entry is free.


Please visit the dedicated page on Eventbrite to take part in the workshops of the Brera Design Days and choose the best ones for you!

Register to the workshops!

Other workshops have different registration links specified in each workshop’s presentation page.

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