Natalia Marzia Gusmerotti

ricercatrice presso l’Istituto di Management della Scuola Superiore S.Anna di Pisa

Natalia Marzia Gusmerotti is assistant professor at the Institute of Management of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and she coordinates a research group focusing on circular economy and natural capital (CENC), working within the sustainability management research group, under the scientific supervision of professor Marco Frey and professor Fabio Iraldo. The main aim of research activities carried out by CENCs is to support public and private organizations in measuring their circularity performance, developing strategies, policies and new business models, in application of circular economy principles and criteria. These studies and researches envision, whenever is possible, natural capital and ecosystem services protection and valorization and include issues related to climate change. CENC group coordinates and conducts several research projects in partnership with many key actors, both private and public, operating at national and international level. Natalia Marzia Gusmerotti teaches many lectures and courses on themes connected to her research activities, mainly at postgraduate and managerial level. She is author of several scientific papers, at international level, and other editorial products.