Mouna Mussie


Mouna Mussie, an Eritrean artist working between Brussels and Bologna, began her artistic career in 1998 in Bologna, training as a performer actress with the Teatrino Clandestino and the Teatro Valdoca. From 2001 to 2005 she was an active part of
in the research group Open, a project with which the desire to investigate other possibilities of the to be on the scene. Since 2006, she has been creating fully authoritative works, whose conception, staging and interpretation she takes care of,
until recently Monkey See, Monkey Do (2012) and Unknown Soldier (2014-15). She has collaborated continuously with the filmmaker Luca Mattei and with the artists Flavio Favelli, Riccardo Benassi, Sonia Brunelli, Gaetano Liberti, Irena Radmanovic, Dominique Vaccaro, Massimo Carozzi, Brett Bailey, Mette Edvardsen. Muna Mussie’s performative work seeks precarious agreements on the hypothesis of s-border.

In collaboration with
Terni Festival of contemporary creation / Indisciplinarte