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Muna Mussie’s work, between gesture, vision and word, investigates the languages of the scene and of performing arts to give shape to the tension that arises between different expressive poles.

On the occasion of Design Your Community, Muna Mussie opens the doors of her studio and offers us a reflection on our time and its contradictions, perspectives, evidences through her performative works: Punctuation, Anagram, Oblivion and installations: Monkey See, Monkey Do, Unknown soldier, Oasis.

She builds her plural community by inviting a group of students interested in storytelling and language, performing arts, applied arts to take part in a discussion with her every afternoon and then share what emerged in the evening with a performative act followed by moments of dialogue with the public or guests.

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In collaboration with Indisciplinarte/Terni Festival

This talk is part of the program schedule of Design Your Community.

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