Ettore Maiotti


I went to what is now called mandatory school as a geek.
In 1962, after passing the entrance exam, I enrolled at the Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata all’Industria, annexed to the Museo Artistico Municipale del Castello Sforzesco in Milan. I was awarded the medal almost every year, until my expulsion from the school (21/11/1966) decided by Prof. Scult. Carlo Paganini, successor in the direction of the irreplaceable architect Giuseppe Boattini.
Everything that is not drawn is not painted. For years I have dedicated at least three hours a day to drawing alone.
From 1964 to 1970, I worked as a graphic designer at the SIGLA studio, and at RADAR, the most important agencies in Milan at the time. I did not abandon pictorial research (not the attitude to painting) which continued to be my main interest.
My intention is to rebuild the academy as it was by creating the masters so that you do not lose what remains of this profession. I am convinced that the only way to be nonconformist is not to write on the walls of cities, this is what everyone does and it is easy especially for those who do not know the beautiful calligraphy but, become a conformist of the past that copied from nature something very difficult and few succeed. Painting has always been difficult and demanding. Only with commitment and sacrifice can one reach the root of beauty. This is taught by the Impressionists, Klee, Kandinsky, Mondrian, the Russian Suprematists and all those who have not confused painting with bricolage.