Tovaglietta Academy. Dinner with the painter

A typical Milanese dinner that ends with a drawing or painting lesson with some of the best academic drawing and painting masters in Milan, the teachers of Super – Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco. Every evening you learn a different technique with a different master: charcoal, pastel, watercolor and tempera, and the drawings are made on the placemats where dinner has just been consumed.

It’s an initiative with limited places, it’s better to book your own in advance (soon will be shared here the methods of registration).

Registration fee for the workshop 20 € (dinner is mandatory and must be paid on site. Pizza menu at 12 € or Risotto menu at 15 €)

Maximum number of participants per evening: 30 people

Masters involved: Francesco Dossena, Giannalisa Digiacomo, Ettore Maiotti and Alberto Rovida.

In collaboration with Super – Scuola Superiore d’Arte applicata del Castello Sforzesco.

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