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Audio: The Golden Age

10 October
ore 10:00 - 11:00

Radio Raheem

The non-quiet revolution: when, how and above all why sound has returned to our lives.
New habits, new solicitations, new models of fruition. From podcasts to audiobooks, from sound environments to smart speakers, the Audio dimension has not only become current and widespread, but has gained ground and attention in places and moments of our lives where it had never been before. We talk about it with those who have made sound a professional reason.

Host Teo Rye (Radio Raheem)

Jonathan Zenti (Podcast Producer)
Dario Moroldo (Composer, Sound designer)
Marco Ragaini (Publishing Storytel)


This talk is part of the schedule of RADIO DAYS energised by EDISON.
Two hours of talk each morning will liven up the Radio Raheem programme schedule during the Brera Design Days; a parallel programme of content accessible via web radio from home or from the office. A programme of talks and in-depth interviews on the various themes touched upon in the live programme, which can also be listened to via podcast. From 4 to 10 October, live on Radio Raheem.

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