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Tiene Raggione Salvini, all the reasons for not being informed

Fake news” and “buffalo” cows have been adopted also and above all by the current power to control and manipulate public opinion, to channel consensus, to create a threat. How do you create a desk stereotype? What influence do fake news have on the hyper-connected and “always” informed society? Tomaso Boyer and Sergio Galasso try to give us some answers.

This talk is part of the schedule of RADIO DAYS energised by EDISON.
Two hours of talk every morning will animate the schedule of Radio Raheem during the Brera Design Days; a parallel program of contents accessible via web radio from home or from the office. A programme of talks and in-depth interviews on the various themes touched upon in the live programme, which can also be listened to via podcast. From 4 to 10 October, live on Radio Raheem.

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