Yuichi Tamaru

Green Wise President

Tamaru Yuichi was born in 1965 in Tokyo, is the third generation president of Green Wise company was born in Japan in 1905 establishing itself as a leading company in his country as a plant rental company. In more than 100 years, Green Wise has developed to be recognized as the first professional reality in the use of greenery with a holistic concept, realizing landscape design, construction and maintenance of greenery, creating a sustainable lifestyle.
In recent years he has announced the concept of Slow Green: a philosophy that celebrates the beauty of nature in its purest form through the abandonment of chemical processes: flowers and plants are organic so they do not undergo any treatment.
On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2019, it opened its permanent showroom GREEN WISE ITALY in the heart of Brera, demonstrating its unique floral compositions by naming “Kukidò” style, which focuses on the stem of organic flowers “Slow Flower”, which expresses the beauty of nature.