Elena Guarnone

Responsabile Ambiente e Territorio della Divisione Power Asset di Edison

Elena Guarnone has a degree in Environmental and Territorial Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan. Born in 1974, she is married and has two daughters.

She is currently Head of Environment and Territory at Edison’s Power Asset Division. The Department is responsible for the environmental aspects of hydroelectric, wind power and thermoelectric power plants and projects. He conducts sustainability projects, value-added initiatives shared with local communities and local relations, as well as activities designed to support and develop the Division’s businesses.

Elena has been working for Edison since 2009, where she served as Northern Italy Area Manager in the hydroelectric area and as CO2 Markets Manager in the Renewable Sources Development Department.

Before joining Edison, she worked for Sistemi di Energia (shareholders: Gemina and Edison), APER (Renewable Energy Producers’ Association), Serven (an energy consulting firm) and Studio Maione (specialized in the fields of hydraulic, environmental and water resource engineering), holding various roles in the engineering, environmental and energy fields.