Claudio Cont

Direttore Business Unit Real Estate / Direttore Commerciale Rebuilding Network

Claudio Cont, Economist and Company Manager has built-up a wealth of experience and carried out research into the dynamics and evolution of Marketing and Management of sales networks and Networking operations. His experience stems from his work with important organisations in the consulting market in Trento and Verona, covering the roles of Project Manager and professional Trainer for Marketing development and company Planning projects. He has experience teaching at the University of Trento in the Economics and Business Faculty for the courses “The Birth of New Enterprises” (as Assistant Professor and Coordinator of students’ project work) and “ Laboratory 1” (as Academic Tutor). Since 2014, he has been Real Estate Business Unit Director for Rebuilding Network, the first national enterprise network for property renovation with partners: Saint-Gobain, Schneider Electric, iGuzzini, Atag, Panasonic, Habitech and Harley&Dikkinson Finance.