Beba Restelli

Educatrice e formatrice sul Metodo Bruno Munari® / Formatrice

Beba Restelli, direct pupil and then collaborator of Bruno Munari, former trainer of the Bruno Munari Method. Born in Vienna, she lives and works in Milan, where she founded her first private laboratory in 1980. Since then she has been involved in educational projects in schools, museums and libraries, promoting the spread of the artist’s ideas, works and workshops.
She has published Giocare con tatto (FrancoAngeli, 2002), Il gioco di Alfa e Beta (FrancoAngeli, 2008), A che giocoamo giochi (with Silvana Sperati, Corraini, 2008), I bambini autori di libri (FrancoAngeli, 2013) and Giocare con la natura. (FrancoAngeli, 2019).