Alan Mattiassi

Assegnista di Ricerca / Docente

Born in Friuli in 1983. After being interested in video games during the school years, at university he turned to the study of the mind, exploring its development during the three-year degree and the neurocognitive functionality during the master’s degree.

He entered the field of research with a doctorate in Multimedia Communication, and did not wait a day before exploiting the skills acquired to devote himself to the study of the game and how the mind approaches it, immediately grasping its potential and peculiarities.

Since then he has been working as a freelancer in areas where gambling is the main theme and psychology is a mode of excellence.

PlayRes member, professor at the School of Bankruptcy and the University of Udine, member of the scientific committee of the Hexagonal Table and the National Game Archive, he continues his professional career within the academy as a research fellow on projects co-financed by the European Community related to the game.