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Entreprecariat - We are all entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur or precarious? These are the terms of a cognitive dissonance in which everything seems a colossal startup. Silvio Lorusso leads us to the discovery of “entrepreneurship”, a universe made of productivity tools, motivational posters and self-help techniques to be optimistic. Not only that: a mix of entrepreneurial ideology and widespread precariousness is what regulates social media, online markets for self-employment and crowdfunding platforms. The result? A life in permanent beta, with sometimes tragic implications.

Entreprecariat is a book about entrepreneurship, but it is not a self-help manual to “make it through”. It’s not even the usual hagiography of visionaries like Steve Jobs or self-made men like Flavio Briatore. On the contrary, the book describes the reality that surrounds the so-called “entrepreneurs of themselves”: students, freelancers, unemployed pushed or forced to develop an entrepreneurial mentality so as not to succumb to the growing precariousness that involves the professional, economic and existential spheres. Welcome to the entrepreneurial world, where the entrepreneurial spirit, rather than a blessing, is a condemnation.

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