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WATER FACES | Design Your Community

from 7 to 10 October
ore 10:00 - 18:00

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine
Piazza del Carmine

Just as water constantly changes shape, taking on multiple “faces” according to the content in which it is poured and the way in which it is used, so do the faces of the people who come into contact with it change, in a path of growth towards a new future. Starting from this assumption, Water Faces intends to show the impact that direct access to drinking water generates on the lives of those who previously did not have this primary good and does so by incorporating the two elements, faces and water, in portraits with strong contrasts, both color and light. In the shots, the function of water is then emptied of the aura of everyday life that it takes in our lives to be covered, through a new context and environment, the deeper meaning of change in relation to the people who use it. Although it does not appear in every shot, it remains the protagonist, showing itself now indirectly, now directly, through the objects and bodies of those who meet it.

Water faces is the series realized in Tanzania by Simone Bramante in collaboration with WAMI, to remember how much water, common good to our eyes, is actually a precious source of life and change in countries where direct access to it is still a question solved only in part.

This talk is part of the program of Design Your Community.

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