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True stories of possible cohabitation

From industry to agriculture to cultural services, more and more companies are betting on the integration of migrants. Especially young people who have arrived in Italy alone, after leaving their country of origin to escape conflict, violence or extreme poverty, in search of a place to build the future.
So it happens that every day the electric workshop of a factory that produces cement in Sicily and exports it all over the world, is transformed into a prayer room accepting the request of two young Muslims, placed in the company thanks to an experience of extracurricular internship.
As far as the cultural sector is concerned, innovative experiences from the South speak to us instead of the inclusion of young people of foreign origin as inter-cultural museum mediators who have the task of making a real cultural translation of the local heritage through forms of functional comparison. These become the tool to understand the dynamics of the cultural fruition of this heritage by migrant people and therefore to make it accessible to them.
A tale of real experiences that represent an alternative to a system that is still profoundly immature compared to the possibility of building and making customary inclusion practices. A collection of possible stories that reveal ways and forms of another living the plural societies, looking in particular at what is happening in the world of business and work.

This talk is part of the program of Design Your Community.

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