MOSTRO 3 Graphic Design Camp @ Meme Gallery

The third edition of MOSTRO – graphic design camp is dedicated to Europe and the bridges that culture can throw thanks to designers of different generations and backgrounds where politics and economics lag behind for fear and speculation. The festival shows stories and events in which creativity and research are concrete opportunities for collaboration, dialogue and work. The format of MOSTRO continues to insist on exhibitions, talks and workshops in collaboration with the Laboratorio Formentini to tell the figures and crafts of visual communication and graphic arts. This year the festival also involves two other venues: the Czech Center in via Morgagni and the new Meme gallery in via Crispi, Milan.

Pavel Fuksa will be present in the collective exhibition that will open at the Meme gallery, a new space dedicated to design and applied arts curated by Maria Di Pierro Losi, former co-founder of MOSTRO. The exhibition displays a series of stamps created by, among others, Mauro Bubbico and Marco Goran Romano, in collaboration with the Istituto Filatelico di San Marino.

The curatorship of the festival is by Marco Sammicheli, the art direction by Marco W. Fagioli, the project management by Maria Di Pierro Losi.

The exhibitions at the Czech Centre and at the Meme gallery will open on 3 October and on 4 October the doors of the Formentini Workshop will open until 9 October.

No registration online is required for this event. Free entry.

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