Impactschool Future Hub Milano

8 October
ore 18:00 - 20:00

Milano Luiss Hub for makers and students
Via Massimo D\'Azeglio, 3


The development of Artificial Intelligence systems is profoundly changing some aspects of our lives, generating global discussions and raising ethical issues related to its development and implementation. The world of design is also touched by this revolution: AI, in fact, is reinventing the very boundaries of creativity, transforming the way people approach an industry where the human component is indispensable. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into design, the concepts of responsibility, privacy, policy making, intellectual property and more are re-evaluated and revisited in a new light.

During the event we will analyze the impacts of Artificial Intelligence in this field and, through an open debate among participants, we will offer some food for thought to raise awareness and stimulate the critical spirit on the changes taking place, to offer the tools to approach this transformation in a correct and effective way.

No registration online is required for this event. Free entry.
We recommend you to arrive in advance to be sure of a place in the room!

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