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Community Toolkit. Drawing a Community: Is it possible?

The Community Toolkit is a set of tools designed for companies, institutions, organizations that understand the value of a community today and need support to start, strengthen or manage it.

Coffee and chatting with experts
Prototyping community: testimonials
From the idea of a community to its practice there is an articulated path of experimentation and continuous redesign of relational dynamics. How is this process governed? We talk about it with those who have started and manage communities.

(re)drawing your community: let’s try it!
During the workshop we will put into practice some of the tools we have designed to activate or grow your community. The Community Toolkit is still being tested, your feedback will be useful to us to improve and customize it for the different communities.

In collaboration with: Collaboriamo and Housing Lab

Interventions of:
Michele Cesario – founder of comehome
Emanuel Ingrao – founder of #shifton, who will tell us about the ADRIANO COMMUNITY CENTER | Innovate thanks to the community.

Free access to the public.

This talk is part of the program of Design Your Community.

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