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Community Drinks - Humanity InInterRoute: with migrants along the Balkan route

Why has a group of young people linked to Via Scalabrini 3 decided to organise and is now carrying out (6 to 25 September 2019) a journey alongside migrants along the Balkan route, from Gaziantep in Turkey to Trieste? Why want to collect and then tell the sparks of solidarity that shine along this path? Why commit oneself to building human and solidarity relations for a society without ideal and real frontiers, pursuing the conviction that “humanity does not stop”? Why raise our voices and denounce the often closed eyes of Europe in the face of the tragedy of countless human beings? Some of the reasons linked to InInterRotta Humanity: a journey that, starting from Turkey, will touch Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, ending in Trieste; a journey of humanity, told through social networks, that will become a textual and audiovisual narrative.

A project by:

Scalabrinian Missionaries, since 1887 at the service of migrants and refugees in 32 countries. They are committed, even in contexts of humanitarian crisis, to protect, promote, welcome and integrate migrants and refugees.

ASCS – Agenzia Scalabriniana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo is the operational arm in the social, cultural, political and cooperation and development sector of the Giovanni Battista Scalabrini Region of the Scalabrinian Missionaries operating in Europe and Africa.

Via Scalabrini 3, within ASCS, has as its vision: ‘we believe in a world with more bridges and fewer walls’; mission ‘to accompany and train young people so that they become creators and builders of a society that lives the culture of encounter, welcoming, appreciating and integrating with cultural diversity’.

This talk is part of the program of Design Your Community.

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