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Design Your Creativity - Augmenting human creativity with deep neural network

How to evaluate design ideas generated from Human-Machine collaboration?
How AI measure the creativity of ideas with “novelty estimation algorithms”?
How does designer filter high quality and diverse ideas out of potentially infinite number of output from AI models?
How can we exploit the potential of AI to augment creative thinking?

In this workshop we will discuss, with examples and demos, if the Artificial Intelligence can make the designer more creative, and investigate the question of whether designers even want to collaborate with AI technology.

The workshop is designed from the ground up with technologically naive users in mind. At the same time this is going to be a workshop that will set computing with neural network models (GAN) on the true and proper path to creativity and intellect augmentation.
Cooperation with artificial intelligence is very different from cooperation with other individuals.

Join the Workshop! Let’s discover together how to collaborate with the AI models.

Everyone can bring their own computer to do practical tests.

Free admission on subscription.

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